Horseshoes and Stakes

Horseshoes and Stakes

Product Information

Horseshoes and Stakes (HS110)


Shown with Silicon Bronze Light and White Bronze Light


  • Horseshoes and stakes can be ordered together or separately.
  • Shoe weight: 2 1/2 pounds, Stakes: 7/8" Diameter x 36"
  • HS110 Includes:
    • (2) HS100BL "A" Shoes
    • (2) HS100WL "B" Shoes
    • (2) ST136 Stakes

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Finish Options

Silicon Bronze Light -
White Bronze Light -
Silicon Bronze Brushed
Silicon Bronze Light
Silicon Bronze Medium
Silicon Bronze Dark
Silicon Bronze Dark Lustre
Silicon Bronze Rust
White Bronze Brushed
White Bronze Light
White Bronze Medium
White Bronze Dark

Combinations and Pricing

Horseshoes and Stakes

HS110 - 2 shoes and 2 stakes
HS120 - 2 shoes w/out stakes
HS100 Single Shoe
ST136 Single Stake